About Me

RACHAEL RENA . A song writer, vocal coach, Artist,  composer, praise /worship leader, with 3 awards.

Children Coordinator, Her passion for music started at the age of six. which was however discovered fully in church more specifically in children and youth section of the church of God mission Benin city which was a Pentecostal church, Nigeria.

Whiles growing up with this passion, she sang from one church to another, attended different church programs as well as leading and backing vocals. This has continued till date.

This great passion has kept her in the music industry. She is the founder of DE-REBIRTH Organisation in United Kingdom, which is a group that welcomes all Talents, believing Talents is from God, which is aimed at helping young people, children mostly, to discover their talent, building a platform for children to develop in their area of specialization . She has sang in different concerts  and events in the Netherlands and United Kingdom, Kuwait, also all over the world. she’s been a backing vocalists for over 25 years, and by his grace she’s on her third album. Also she has just released two single due to covid-19 titled “we need your hands”. “You are the reason “

RACHAELRENA Speech: Music has been helpful to me; in times of sorrow, sadness and mental health. It has brought relief and joy (music makes me happy) And i want to suport, eudcate,  and reach out to those suffering from mental health.
Playing, singing, writing and making music are my hobbies and I love being a part of music in my own little way. I have always loved music, especially gospel songs, because of its soothing and calming effects to the brain positively. I have been DEEP into music since my teenage and formative years.
“But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him (2 Kings 3:15).
There is joy and flow of the Holy Spirit when we worship God in songs(God releases is power during such acts).

It does not need to be perfect! Just be REAL

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